Friday, 10 September 2010

Google Me

It's been a long Summer Holiday and I am just getting back into work, even though one child is not even back at school yet (due to the rebuild of the once iconic Pimlico School) and the other is ill and off school. 

As I try to pick up the threads of what I was working on before the holidays, I have been going through my notes and ideas for stories. Flicking through my file, I came across the piece of writing that inspired the cover of Emma Calder's Moody Day Sticker Book and also one of the other illustrations featured in the book.

Emma Calder's Moody Days in Foyles April 2010

Black Paper

A large piece of black paper dropped in front of her face.

The tears pushed towards her eyes.
A pain spread down her throat.
She felt sick and desperate.
Her head buzzed and buzzed.
The room became smaller.
The windows had gone.

She walked from wall to wall, up and down.
A trickle of brightness came from nowhere.
Dust particles danced in the light.

Now I am grown up I google myself all day long

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