Monday 18 July 2011

Sticker Workshop Lambeth County Fair

Just a few snaps from my sticker event at Lambeth County Fair last Saturday. The weather was horrendous but it didn't stop the constant flow of keen sticker makers. 

In 5 hours we produced over 3000 individual stickers. 

The kids and adults were brilliant, some producing whole books. 

To be honest I did very little, except tidy up and make a few very small suggestions.

It was great to see how inspiring my stickers were to others and I am feeling back in the mood to do some more myself.

Actually, I did just do a new set but, I haven't quite finished them. When they are ready I'll be selling them through my new on line shop

Saturday 16 July 2011

Stickers at Brockwell Park Today

If you fancy it, head down to Lambeth County Fair at Brockwell Park today.

I will be doing a sticker stand and workshops, showing work from my sticker books, including Emma Calder's Moody Days. The illustration above, was done a few years ago by my kids and me. Hope to see you down there it's quite a good fair with lots to do.

Monday 4 July 2011

Mud Larking

The year is slipping by without doing the blog for Emma Calder's Moody Days. As I have been focusing on new work and cannot be distracted.

Except the other day my friend Gill asked me if I would accompany her on a Mud Larking adventure on the banks of the River Thames. We were quickly hooked.

As I lover of Car Boots on a Sunday, this felt like the next best thing but free. Although you do need a licence and if you find anything of value, you must report your find to the Museum of London.

The first time we went, I spotted a shark swimming and the next time.. we saw a massive bird's footprints in the mud. Each footprint spanned ten inches, with a four foot apart gait. Wild times down on the mud!

It was Gill's birthday this weekend, so I thought I would take some of my finds and turn them into her present.