Saturday 12 December 2009

Moody One

Emma Calder's Moody Days Sticker Book, is the reason for starting this blog.The blog is dedicated to the book and how it came about.

Crossing the boundaries of art and commercial art in one. The book is about reconstructing narrative and visual threads, in a modern urban environment. It's about fragmented story telling and audience participation.

Emma Calder's Moody Days is a sticker book for anyone. It features four moods. Bad, Fun, Stuck and Love, each section has it's own hand drawn, removable stickers. 


The combination of art and ephemera is an interesting mix and appropriate in these days of throw away culture, multi tasking and channel hoping. Drawn and written by myself, an animator which makes the idea of stickers and multiples even more interesting I think.


To be honest Moody Days was a bit like an accident that was meant to happen, one day I started it and the next it was finished. Things rarely happen like that, but... compared to animation, books are fast.

I used a range of my previous work as a basis for the book, including writing and letters going back to when I was at college. I also incuded some of my original sticker sheets from my long thin hand made books.

Fingerprints 2004

This is the first of the small sticker sheets that I designed, each sticker is one of my fingerprints. I liked the idea of sticking these little stickers up  and putting my mark on things literally. Although I didn't include them in Moody Days, I did use the print idea for the cover and for the animated trailer.

Tate Modern Toliets 2005 

Over the next few weeks I plan to show you some of my sketch books, collages and things that got me started with this whole sticker project, and events leading up to Emma Calder's Moody Days Sticker Book. 

old college note book

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